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The art of yacht-design    


"When I saw her masts across the River rising queenly,
Built out of so much chaos       Brougth to law,
I learned the power of knowing      Haw to draw  
Of beating through into the        Perfect line :
I vowed to make that power of    Beauty mine."

by; John Masefield

   "Roi Soleil"  Cabin


The making of an interior design is a balance between the idee's of the boats owner and the know-how of the designer. The designer must be able to transelate the boatowners idee's in to  practical boatbluilding solutions. When it comes to styling, tast is often a primer factor in making desisions. But if things are build well the are allway's beautyfull regardless the style.

Sails and things aloft 

By sailing at sea a lot, one gets a good idee aboud the beating the rigging and sails have to stand up to. What sailplan suits best for a partiqular boat ? At first draft the picture, she has to look beautyfull. Than calqulate and adjust, make things practical but never loose the picture.


                "Koh-i-Noor "  sailplan




Building and refit

Prior to my work as a designer I worked as a boatbuilder for 10 years. I made interiors for barges, restored wooden yachts, made masts and spares, and replaced frames and planks. And even today  I like to get away from the computer and build what I drafted up. To see if the creation from the screen and the paper is just as good  in real life.